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TanalithHigh Pressure Preservative Treatments

Next generation TANALITH wood preservative is designed for use in high pressure industrial treatments.

This renowned preservative gives a proven, outstanding performance, particularly for timbers intended for use in ground contact applications.

TANALITH wood preservative now incorporates patented BARamine technology. This provides an even more robust protection allowing greater penetration and  distribution of the wood preservative into the timber and provides a solution management system that ensures the preservative actives are balanced every time you treat timber.

TanatoneWe can offer a choice of TANALITH preservative which imparts an initial pale green colouration to the timber, or TANATONE brown colourant can be added to the TANALITH preservative to provide brown coloured treated timbers.

Use Classes

Use Classes are defined by European Standards, providing a guide to the risk of decay and insect attack to timber components, depending upon their end use. The higher the Use Class, the higher the level of preservative protection required. TANALITH treatment can used for all Use Class timbers. TANATONE treatment is used mainly for Use Class 3 and Use Class 4 timbers.


Use Class Summary

1      Internal, dry. For example: floor joists
2      Internal, risk of wetting. For example: sole plates, tiling battens
3.1   Outdoors, coated above ground. For example: cladding
3.2   Outdoors, uncoated, above ground. For example: decking
4      Direct soil or fresh water contact. For example: fence posts

Tanalith Treatment Process

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