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VacsolLow Pressure Preservative Treatment

Wood is such a versatile and beautiful material choice for construction and joinery projects. However, these timbers can be prone to decay and insect attack if not properly protected.

VACSOL water based preservatives are industrially applied in a controlled low pressure, double vacuum process which gives an outer envelope of protection to general construction and joinery timbers. Less moisture is absorbed than in high pressure treatments allowing the wood to dry quicker and helping to retain its original dimensions.

The appearance and colour of VACSOL treated timber remains unchanged although a colour indicator can be added if required to aid treatment identification.

VACSOL treated timbers should only be used above the damp proof course of any building. When used in exterior applications, they must have an appropriate and well maintained surface coating.

Just like our other products, VACSOL has been tried, tested and proven to effectively extend the service life of your wood and let you enjoy it for longer.

Use Classes

Use Classes are defined by European Standards, providing a guide to the risk of decay and insect attack to timber components, depending upon their end use. The higher the Use Class, the higher the level of preservative protection required. Vacsol treatment can used for Use Class 1 – 3.1 Coated timbers.


Use Class Summary

1       Internal, dry. For example: floor joists
2       Internal, risk of wetting. For example: sole plates, tiling battens
3.1    Outdoors, coated above ground. For example: cladding
3.2    Outdoors, uncoated, above ground. For example: decking
      Direct soil or fresh water contact. For example: fence posts

Low pressure treatment process

We use a low pressure, double vacuum process for treating timber with VACSOL wood preservative.

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