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Anti-sapstain Protection

Sapstain, sometimes called blue stain, and mould is caused by fungi which thrive on freshly cut logs and sawn timber causing unsightly discolouration. Infected timber is unacceptable for many end uses, representing a huge loss in value.

ANTIBLU wood preservative provides a tried, tested and proven short term protection against this threat. ANTIBLU helps to maintain timber’s clean and bright appearance and its commercial value.

ANTIBLU treatments are ideal for the protection of pallet and packaging timbers.

Latest generation ANTIBLU product now comes as a simple to use and cost effective 2 pack system. This allows for an adaptable control of the preservative formulation to suit local conditions and business requirements.

Antiblu logoTried, tested and proven

Just like all Lonza products ANTIBLU has been extensively tested in international field trials under different climatic conditions. It is suitable for the protection of softwoods and hardwoods throughout the seasoning, storage and transport of freshly harvested or sawn timbers.

Antiblu Treatment Process

ANTIBLU can be applied to a range of timber species through simple dipping or deluge processes.

Because it is non-corrosive ANTIBLU can be used for in-line production processes within sawmills. The latest ANTIBLU product was the first major anti-sapstain preservative to gain authorisation under the Biocidal Products Directive.