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Lumber Trading

Lumber Trading

AM2 SIA Lumber Trading

AM2 was first established in 1997 providing timber sales agent services between sawmills in Latvia and the UK. The business quickly expanded and AM2 took the opportunity to become independent timber exporters and traders with companies throughout Europe including Russia and Belarus.

Services offered by AM2 include transportation, recycling, timber supply and custom clearance where required.

In recent years, AM2 has focused activities the larch timber trade in particular, offering 1 to 4 class appropriate species from Siberian and Far Eastern regions.

Our warehouse in Riga provides fast and accurate delivery to customers in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe.

We offer drying and profiling services for timbers as well as a wide variety of coatings to create high quality final products for our customers.

AM2 is currently looking for new customers in Latvia and Europe. We can supply information about available sizes, standard profiles and other services.

If you are interested sawn larch timbers or finished products, please contact us using the information above.