Fire Protection

Fire Retardant Treatment

DRICON treatment has provided an assured surface spread of flame protection for construction projects across the world for well over 25 years. DRICON fire retardant treated timbers and board products have an unrivalled recognition from independent accreditations for providing a safe, durable and proven protection for homes and public access buildings.

DRICON is an INT2 Humidity Resistant type fire retardant product applied by a carefully controlled high pressure impregnation process followed by kiln drying and has independent classification reports across a wide range of timber species and thicknesses.

DRICON treatment is the assured and durable choice for permanent interior timbers and panel product applications.

Typical applications include: interior claddings and linings; high humidity interior applications – swimming pools, lifeboat stations; smoke critical situations – transport, rail industry, underground stations; high strength requirements – scaffold boards, staircases, storage & pallet systems; refurbishment projects – listed buildings, churches.

For advice on coating systems to use with DRICON treated timbers please contact Lonza Wood Protection directly.


Fire Treatment Process

A high pressure process is used for treating timber with DRICON fire retardant.

Dricon Fire Test

We demonstrate the effectiveness of DRICON fire retardant treated timber against untreated timber.